Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, that last post had been up far too long--but it's been too busy around here for me to write anything else! 

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. And that about sums up my last few weeks. After the hottest July Oklahoma had ever seen--a near daily 110 degrees--it rained!! And it has continued to rain, on and off, for the past week! The drought in Texas and Oklahoma is not nearly over, but it has been so good for us to have these showers (some of the storms have been destructive though) and slightly cooler temperatures. My weary heart needed that rain just as much as the parched ground.

And we've had two-weeks of company--my favorite thing! For some reason though, I have no pictures :( But we've had travelers passing through, good friends for a night, a couple of sets of young missionary families for dinner with their sweet, sweet kids, and my daughter's boyfriend's parents! Even though my body is tired my spirit is lifted by getting to/being able to have each of these families in our home. My hostessing ability has taken a huge hit in recent years, but my kids are old enough now that we all work as a team--Becca baked two gf cherry dump cakes in recent days--and things seem to get done. Not quite the way they would have been done in the past, but done anyway.

Enough for now--just wanted everyone to know that the pity-party didn't last too long.
Counting my blessings with the raindrops.

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