Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rise--Shawn McDonald

I've been listening to this song a lot lately and wanted to share it here. Last year was rough. I really can't put it any other way. When Warmsocks wrote about her discouraging 2011 in her Happy New Year post, I could  identify.

Only twelve days into the new year--so far so good. Some pain, but also some energy. People keep asking me what is different. I don't have shingles and I can breath and I'm taking prednisone. They would feel better, too! I'm not fooling myself--I don't know how long this will last. But for now, I'm lovin' the heck out of it! (And I'm more apt than usual to say what's on my mind.)

Anyway, this song seems to fit after all my body and mind went through last year. Maybe it will encourage you.  What a great way to start a new year!


p.s. I realize the video is geared toward a younger audience. Listen to the words if the visuals distract you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Review

Christmas has come and gone. I took a nice little break from blogging and thinking about anything RA or health related during the holidays and concentrated on my family.

Natsumi, our sweet Japanese friend, spent a few days with us before she went home to celebrate her special birthday! We love having her with us for the holidays--this was her second year to help us decorate our tree.  I love looking at my traditions and beliefs through the eyes of another culture.

We mostly relaxed at home and enjoyed each other. With older kids, their activities and work kept things moving, but we managed to play games and see movies and drink home-made hot chocolate and snuggle by the fireplace.  Just having everyone together meant more this year after my daughter's semester abroad.

We visited my parents for a few days, where it seemed everyone was sick! My mother, a wonderful cook who has embraced gluten-free cooking for her many gluten-intolerant children and grandchildren, cooked up a Christmas feast anyway--along with some help from my sister. Here are some of their creations (Yes, you should be envious. My mom cooks mostly without recipes, by touch and taste. I did not inherit this talent.)  There was also gf dressing, gravy, about six other pies and fruitcake, candy, etc.  A completely gluten-free weekend. Delicious!

GF Coconut Cream Pie
GF Stromboli
Gluten-Free Pantry's French Bread Mix
Filled with Pizza Toppings and cheese

Cherrybrook Kitchen Cookies

When Christmas break began, I was still very weak and not breathing well. Most of my lung tests were normal, and by Christmas day I was starting to breath more normally, too. The official diagnosis, as is stands now, is methotrexate lung, which is a form of interstitial hypersensitivity pneumonitis. A little like coal miner's lung--but it usually gets better when the offending substance is withdrawn.  I'll do another post on what I've learned about it later. I still have some days when breathing is more difficult, but most days are good. Though I've had asthma all my life, I have never experienced anything like this before. I am so grateful to be able to breath!

I am looking forward to and hoping for a quieter 2012. Better breathing. No more shingles. RA under control.

Happy New Year to you!