Reading is my favorite hobby. . .I'll add to this list as I have time and group books by topic. . .RA, Celiac, Parenting, Faith, and my favorite--fiction!  Maybe some of those will even cross! Let me know what you think!

Autimmune Disease/RA

This was one of the first books I read about autoimmune disease and it remains one of my favorites. Written from both the patient's and the
doctor's perspective, it gave me my first insight into what the person
on the other side of the room might be thinking.  The first chapter alone, about the concept of time in the doctor and patient world, is worth the price of the book. I go back to it over and over,

"The dialogue between doctor and patient is often asymmetric and is surely bizarre. It still seems surreal to me to discuss a twenty-year-old's pain today while, considering her options, I project in my mind the mother she will become a decade hence, the future grandmother in a katun, a grandmother whom, due to the disparity between her age and mine, I will never know."  Dr. Micahael Lockshin, Dancing at the River's Edge

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