Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best RA Article I've read lately. . .

Busy this week getting oldest daughter ready to leave for semester abroad, but sat down for a few minutes to look at some blogs and clicked RA Warrior. There I found a link to one of the best articles I've read lately about RA. I sighed with relief. I almost cried. You mean there is a doctor out there who understands?

The web is absolutely overrun with patient blogs who talk and rant about the need for change in the RA world, but then I go back to my rheumatologist, see the same RA commercials, hear the same yada yada from the Arthritis Foundation about diet and exercise, and deal with, as The Single Gal's Guide to RA calls it, The Loser Disease.

If anyone is listening, it certainly doesn't feel like it. And then there is this--a bright spot in RA land. Someone is listening, understanding. Perhaps someone with the power to make a difference!  Please read if you have time.  I'd appreciate it.

More on sending my daughter to China soon.

An Identity Crisis for RA :: Article

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