Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life Under the Rainbow

My girl made it home safely. I worried more than I should have. It is difficult, I have found, letting my children go. Like a mother hen I like them all tucked safely in my nest, under my wings where I can cluck over them and know they are in their beds at night.  Safe. Here. With me.

She, my oldest daughter, leaves for China in less than a month. A little farther than Atlanta. She wants to fly--and my job is to let her. Motherhood is not a stable occupation--more time on my knees and less in the trenches. Releasing her completely into God's hands (where she has really always been) is just about the hardest thing I've ever done.

Off to Pacrim in less than a month!

Mean time, my younger two are moving into high school, and I am excited for them and melancholy with the change. Maybe it is the heat this summer, or the number of changes coming at once. Or maybe I am just not a person who easily adapts. But they are happy, so I am too.

My younger daughter has spent the summer playing music and working--perfect combination for the girl who can't sit still! And now she's started high school band! She is so happy she can hardly contain herself, even though she has had to practice, outside in 110 degree heat! She is playing the synthesizer in the percussion pit since she is a piano player, but will play percussion when marching season is over. Joy is the word I would use--new friends, new activities.

Fourth of July Parade

Exhibition Night
 And her twin, number one son? He's played basketball, of course! Weeks and weeks of basketball. And he managed some hang out time with friends and cousins and catching up on some school work. He'll change schools this fall--he's a little guy and wanted to go some place smaller where he could play sports and have smaller classes. His idea and ultimate decision, not ours. Our suburb has excellent schools but very large high schools. Perhaps not a great fit for everyone. On my knees again, praying this is a good fit for him.

Fishing with Dad
Love how high his feet are off the ground!
Cousins--or Monkeys?
Almost time for back to school--hating to see this summer end! Til next time. . .


  1. I can relate very well to these feelings. Parenting is hard when kids are too young to talk, so I thought it would get progressively easier. I've been surprised to find that what changes is the type of challenge, not the level of difficulty. I suppose God designed life to keep us growing no matter what our age or life stage.

  2. Donna, Thanks for the reply. Yes, always growing--which I suppose is the purpose! Less physical challenge and more mental/spiritual. It's the stage of parenting we are in. Does it get easier after this? I often wonder :)

  3. Linda Pope BinghamAugust 9, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    In many ways it does get easier, but as your family grows larger, and you find yourselves with many more to love, you will also have many more to pray for. We grandparents are deeply concerned every time our children have concerns about their children and our grandchildren. Lots and lots of prayers, and God is always good!