Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Camp Again!

Kids to camp, after one long, gargantuan day of cooking. Can a day be gargantuan? Well, it was! I still haven’t cleaned all the mess—and I finished two days ago! Six days of food for two gf kids—breakfast, lunch and dinner. And snacks. To match what everyone else is eating. While my kenelog shot was wearing off. I took extra pred, drank 6 cups of coffee and a coke and took my monthly B-12 shot a couple days early. And a couple doses of pain meds—before, during, and after.

That’s the way I got it done. But I did it!


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  1. Good post, and even better cooking! It is a shame (not really) that I don't eat exclusively GF so that I could lay claim to your delicacies.