Monday, June 20, 2011

Another note. . .

Though I don’t blog much, I have decided to keep this blog mostly about RA and celiac and my experiences with both those things:
  1. It’s what I’m living day-to-day, and often what I need to get off my chest.
  2. There are a billion blogs out there, but this is mine. It will have to be about what I say it is about. Smile Those of us with chronic illnesses learn from each other—I’m just contributing my small little piece. I take much more than I receive.
  3. Parenting and feeding celiac kids and doing it all with RA—how many people are writing about that anyway? Not many, not that I’ve found! And though I might not be doing a great job, at least I am doing it.
This picture was taken in Vicksburg, MS on our recent vacation. All 3 of my kids eat gf now. (Another story for another day.)

This week, some precious mother of another gf child in Wichita, KS has been cooking for my youngest two children while they are painting houses on a youth group mission trip. She has prepared breakfast and dinner (I sent lunch for the work-site), and has made food so delicious my daughter has texted me about it all week! I usually send all their food for away trips, and her sweet sacrifice made my job so much easier.  Bless her!

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