Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now on Facebook!

Just for ease of communication with my fellow RAers--I created a facebook page. Join me there if you'd like. It lets me keep a little anonymity on the www and communicate more freely with you all.

A final post about my darlin' girl's travels to come soon, I promise! She is home now, to my relief and joy.

I am still having difficulty breathing, and my rheumatologist thinks methotrexate is to blame. Bronchoscopy with lavage and biopsies last week to check the status of my lungs. I am hoping to get at least some of those test results tomorrow--and I am, quite naturally, nervous.

A higher dose of prednisone and relief, finally, from the shingles post-viral fatigue, and I am feeling unusually well after over two months of illness!  If you can take the shingles vaccine, please do. I am trying to put together a post on this topic soon.

Joy and peace to you.

And those are not the idle words of this harried season, but rather a prayer from someone who knows what it means to be both with them and without them. And definitely prefers the with.

The Lady in (more, again) Pred
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  1. Do you thing everyone should get the shingles vaccine? Looking forward to your post. Glad your #1 girl is home. And I pray that all your tests have good results.

  2. Alyssa, I don't think the vaccine is for EVERYONE. There are at-risk groups, and your insurance won't pay for it if you're not in one of those groups. But even the folks in those groups are not getting vaccinated at very high rates (mainly the elderly), and they really should. Encourage your parents to get vaccinated. About 50% of us will get shingles if we live long enough, and some of us will get them more than once. More coming soon.