Wednesday, September 1, 2010


That post on our gf vacation is in progress, but this needed to be today’s.

This past weekend we were with my in-laws for their fiftieth wedding anniversary party, a lovely do-up for a lovely couple. Friends from near and far, past and present came to celebrate and wish them well. They must be the youngest looking golden anniversary couple ever!

group 001
DSC_32881 (2)

They first took notice of each other in first grade. He first proposed with a paper ring when they were teenagers, in the back of a car while his dad drove them on a date. They married while they were still in college and raised three kids on a teachers’ salary.

Through the years, they’ve blessed many lives, including mine. Happy anniversary to the best in-laws ever!


  1. Dear Sherry: That was the sweetest tribute! Thanks so much for your very appreciated words. You have certainly blessed our lives, and we love you very much. Linda and Dean

  2. Very nice. Thanks. Love you.