Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Two, Getting Glutened

He is no better. More Maalox. Tried some Benedryl, just to see if it calmed the nausea and helped him sleep, and he said it helped a little.

He is missing his second day of school--which means a ton of make-up work. I made him gf banana nut muffins as a treat, but he hasn't eaten any yet.

Pray for my little man.

The sun is shining outside. . .we are just waiting for some inside.


  1. Nice little graphic; that's kind of how he looked lying on the couch earlier. He seems to be coming around a little. Day 3 blog: life after poison?

  2. Hello and I am sorry to learn of you son's dealings with gluten issues... I have a website for people who have chronic illness as well as those who care for them -- would like to invite you to stop in if you think it would help to have Christian fellowship and support! If you stop in, be sure to remind me where I ran into you! We have a growing chat room -- and lots of information at our site. God bless!!!