Saturday, January 31, 2009

Favorite Brands

From the beginning, I've tried to concentrate on the "normal" things that we can eat that are already gluten-free. But there are just some things that we've missed, so through experiment, trial and error, we are starting to develop a list of things that our family likes and can afford. I received my first Amazon order last week--much cheaper--of our favorites! Here's a beginning of the list:

  • Kinni Kwik Bread and Bun Mix-Great for corn bread, and bread and buns are pretty good, too. Just a bit of an aftertaste. It doesn't seem to bother Alec at all, though, just me. Very easy to use.
  • Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pastas-We just can't seem to find a rice pasta we like. This one pleases us all, and I like the taste so much sometimes I crave it. Nutrionally it's better than wheat pasta.
  • Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix-I've tried a couple of different mixes, but this is my favorite so far. I tried adding a bit of sour cream for some of the liquid last time, and some chocolate chips. It has a very cake-like consistency. We ate them all!!! So now I have 5 packages in my pantry.
  • CherryBrooke Kitchens Sugar Cookie Mix-Yummy! My kids ate these up!
  • Soy Joy Bars-These are great for lunches, and Target has had them on sale the past few weeks. Some places don't carry them by the box, and they are bit expensive by the bar. They've been $2.74/box at Target this week (don't know how long that will last). Not all my kids like them, but they are absent all my family's allergens (strawberries, apples (except the apple bars), gluten, etc.)
  • Blue-Diamond Nut Cracker-I'm addicted to these! I love them with cheese, and I have to ration them out to the kids.

Some things we are now eating that we've never eaten much before include Funyons, grits (who knew how good these were?), risotto, polenta (ok, I never even knew what it was, and now it makes my mouth water), and lots more simple dishes--just fish, veggies, and some rice and one of the simple sides above. I'm also using more herbs and spices.

My sister just found out that she is also gluten-sensitive. The genes are outing themselves--I hope she is soon feeling as much better as my son is! Love you, girl!

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